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VIP Days 60 Day To Epic Slayage

You know you can master what you need to know to run your business, you're a superhero! Give me two months, and I'll give you an online toolkit that will make your entrepreneurial adventure epic in proportion and satisfying... because you learnt to do it for yourself!

Work With Me: 22 Years Of "Know How" & Skill

Let's get some shit done!

Ok, let's cut the through it.

You're a small business person, or have some big idea you want to accomplish, but having a killer website is something you either can't afford to pay for, or can't wrap your mind around because: 'code'.

Take it from me, this is not a barrier to building a kick ass website. Neither is your ability to pay a developer $10k to build a website.

Let me tell you part of my story...


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The VIP Days Programme

Guarantees you business grounding, training and...

  • A Powerful Revenue Generating Website

    Doesn't matter what you do, I can help you figure out how to use your website to effectively do it.

  • A Social Media Management Plan

    Finally get a grip on what you need to use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to generate leads & sales.

  • Scalable Software, Security & Hosting

    This is the 'make or break' stuff, and people love to ignore it in the grand design because it's 'technical'. I have a 'no-pain' way to help.

  • An Online Advertising & Marketing Strategy

    This ain't your mama's newspaper and radio ads anymore. I'm going to prepare you to wade into the soup, and get what you need.



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